About James Hearn

It all started about sixty years ago when I set a goal during my teens to find out who we are, where we come from, and what we are doing here on planet earth. In other words, I set a goal to find out about life.

Near the end of World War II, I set myself another goal. I was twenty years old, still in the Royal Australian Air Force as aircrew, and based in England when I heard that my best friend from school-days in Australia, who was also serving in the Royal Australian Air Force, had been killed during the war. I vowed that I would try to find a solution that would eliminate the tragedy of wars.

I believe that I have found the practical answer!

I consider myself to be a very average, ordinary, and sensitive bloke, using my mind to ponder over the problems of the world in which we live. I am also an avid reader.

It was through my reading and pondering on things that I began to get answers, incredible answers to stop wars and answers to the many problems we all face in our everyday life.

Over the years, I have bombarded Prime Ministers, politicians, Royalty, and the press regarding global education. This effort is ongoing.

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  1. This book is really our answer, not only to war and violence, to life itself on our planet